Monday, February 11, 2013

Yes, we are certainly heading into a dark period for our Government

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The United States is perilously close to becoming a one-party, socialist state.

As a result of winning the last election, President Obama, a man whose ego needs no encouragement, may come to believe he has a mandate and will try to become far more than a token president - to wit, the first black elected to the office. Instead, he'll try to become the first among firsts. The socialists in charge have effectively taken over medical services, are now focusing on taking away guns, and, based on the comments made during Obama's inauguration speech, are planning to continue pushing the agenda of radical environmentalism, which, in turn, is a fulcrum point into more regulations on private business.

It's all about legacy at this point, and part of that legacy could very well be a follow-on term for the beloved Evita Michelle Obama, a woman whose mere presence can cause a liberal to grow weak at the knees. Or soft in the mind, as was in evidence on the always entertaining Huffington Post when one Nina Bahadur unleashed a torrent of drivel under the following masthead.

(My personal favorites from Nina's list were #21 - She's a fan of pillow forts, and #45 - She has a sweet tooth. Who knew?!)

The potential consequences of back-to-back Obamas and their devoted army of sycophants are many, and few of them good, as the roots of the tree they sprung from are of steadfast socialist stock.

The historical record shows unequivocally that there is a line that, if crossed, makes the whole "from each according to their ability to each according to their needs" thing devolve into economic collapse and, often, fascism. At that point the slogan changes to something akin to, "From the burning houses of the
greedy capitalists to the impoverished masses."

Any way this situation could turn around? Again, none that is easily imagined. We as a nation are way past the more genteel era when it was considered bad form for a sitting president to campaign for his party. Instead, it's Chicago-style bare-knuckle politicking all the way, with overt distribution of favors to the inert to ensure reelection.

The one possible way that the rising socialist tide is held up is if there is a major financial crash and the ruling elite somehow lose their ability to pin blame on someone else.

In other words, the country is either headed for certain ruin as the productive class becomes further outnumbered by the recipient class and then turned into little more than tax cows, and the equivalent of Atlas Shrugs occurs. Or we have a whopping good crash that chases the socialists out from the shadows.

Note that either scenario involves a crash. Which begs the follow-on question: how will the government react when things go off the rails?

Will the population, confronted with inescapable ruin, come to their senses, starting by remembering that there actually isn't such a thing as a free lunch? Or will they redouble their calls for the government to do more? While no one can see the future, I expect the latter. That is when the risk of socialism sliding into fascism will be greatest.

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