Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Words fail me...and still the Liberals embrace Hope & Change...

Hope and Change: Obama Smeared Bush for 10.6% Black Unemployment Rate; Five Years Later it’s 12.9%

At times, a leader’s ineptitude can best be revealed when he parades his failures as victories. While America still remains in the clutches of a dismal economy, the Obama Administration has become their own cheerleaders, announcing victory when there is no reason to celebrate.

President Obama and his cagey mouthpiece, Jay Carney, have become more and more committed to spinning every failure as victories with only minor hiccups. With the nation’s economy still in poor shape five years after he assumed office, with Obamacare making the Edsel look like a smashing success and with the country heading to yet another showdown as lawmakers continue to ignore the $17 trillion elephant in the room, the question remains:

At what point does this president stop trying to con us and admit that these obvious failures need addressing?

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their report that showed that black unemployment dropped this last month from 13% to 12.9%.

So… Break out the champagne, I guess….

The report indicates that 148,000 jobs were created in September, which dropped the official unemployment rate to 7.2%. Curiously enough, however, the labor-force participation rate fell to 35-year lows- a true testament to the creative accounting for which this administration is known. As more and more people are discounted from the figures for having been out of work for too long, the rate continues to drop as people officially leave the job market.

Still, the Obama Administration continually pretends that these failures are successes. However, when compared to the Bush Administration, the failures become more pronounced.

In 2008, as Senator Barack Obama campaigned against Senator John McCain, a popular method of attack was to attack the unpopular Bush Administration and then link McCain’s proposed presidency to that of the Bush presidency.

Exactly five years ago today, October 22nd, 2008, the Obama Campaign shredded the Bush Administration for their black unemployment rate.

Exactly five years ago today, the black unemployment rate was 10.6%. Now it is 12.9%.
“I wish we could say that reaching 10.6 percent is the highest unemployment we’ve had under this administration,” said Alexis Herman, a member of the Obama Campaign. “But we’ve actually seen rates as high as 11.5 percent.”
“The fact is that when you look at the unemployment numbers” under Bush, she said, “we have lost good jobs in our community, particularly in construction and manufacturing, where we are disproportionately employed. Any attempts to continue to open the doors of the middle class and to move us up the economic ladder really have been stopped dead in its tracks by this administration.”
Of course, Herman’s critiques were immediately followed by an explanation of how President Obama would turn things around by supporting increases in federal minimum wage.

It is both sad and ironic that the first biracial president has so supremely failed the black community. While the Obama Campaign of yesteryear was content with smearing the Bush Administration for their 10.6% black unemployment rate, this administration continues to overlook the hypocrisy of finding 10.6% unacceptable but failing to remedy an economy that has produced such dismal effects for Americans.

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