Friday, August 30, 2013

Sometimes there are flashes of brilliance found in posts to political articles...Very well said rdman_VietVet...and thanks for your service!

rdman_VietVet  Canadianlady 
The law of the Chicago community organizer gulags gives Obama the perverted rationale for using intimidation and force when it suits his ends. He believes he is a law unto himself, cynically living in the world of realpolitik where what matters is to prevail, regardless of right or wrong.
It is impossible to be congenial with and dangerous to trust a person like Obama, since he takes every sign of friendliness or cooperation as a sign of weakness and therefore, an invitation to take advantage of others.
Treacherous and immoral, Obama has absolutely no compunction about lying, cheating, stealing or reneging on his promises.
He will resort to any unconstitutional illegality or ruse to get what he wants. He will blatantly and outrageously lie repeatedly so endlessly and vehemently that he himself can no longer tell the lie from the truth. The smallest hint of opposition from others will bring an avalanche of retaliation from him.
Obama is able to destroy because he does not identify with 
anyone else. His egocentricity allows him to see only himself in the world, and if the world does not reflect him, he will hate the world so much that he will attempt to set it on fire in any region of vulnerability and instability... at this point in time, the Middle East.
However, it is doubtful that the Chicago community organizer gulags, ACORN and Alinsky prepared Obama to insult and pick a fight with the likes of Comrade KGB Putin.
Very, very dangerous times, Folks!!!

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