Monday, August 5, 2013

The U.S. Has Already Been Taken Over by Muslims & Communists

By Allan Erickson / 4 August 2013

“Paranoia is just having the right information.”

William S. Burroughs (?)

Muslim operatives learned well from their KGB instructors: infiltrate, demoralize, propagandize, divide, create chaos and fear, destabilize, seize power from within.   The Soviets did not have 

to work too hard to fan Islamic flames of hatred toward the U.S. and Israel.  That hatred existed long before Soviet involvement. It is important to consider that anti-American and anti-Semitic forces, including Nazi Germany, have long coordinated with Islamic extremists, working  to destroy the U.S. and the Jewish people.

Furthermore, it has long been established that the American Left, including people like Bill Ayers, the Clintons, and Barack Obama, have coordinated with enemies of the U.S.— both Muslim operatives and communist subversives.

Considering just a few other realities makes the case: Barack Obama is truly an anti-American Muslim operative promoting communism and Sharia via stealth infiltration, destruction of the Constitution, and the collapse of the American economy. 

Every move Obama has made in the last few years has favored Muslims, downplayed Americanism, and denigrated Israel.  Bowing and kissing the Saudi king’s hand should have been all the evidence needed to confirm the truth: Obama is a Muslim. As a Muslim, he has no affection for the Constitution, or respect for our way of life.

Obama’s White House is infiltrated by Muslim extremists including members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He insists on supporting the terrorist Morsi in Egypt, sending him billions in cash and military hardware just before he was overthrown. Even in the wake of his downfall, Obama supports Morsi.

Obama went to bed as terrorists murdered our people in Benghazi.  He ignores Muslim atrocities and points the finger of accusation at our own soldiers and veterans, and Tea Party people.  He recently released $500 million or your tax dollars to Hamas!

When a president wages illegal war in Libya, an impeachable offense, and no one does a thing about it, when he engages in many illegal activities without being held accountable, he gets the idea he has permission to operate above the law, a distinctly Muslim attitude.

His Attorney General is a carbon copy:

Like Holder and Obama, the Fort Hood shooter and members of the Council on Islamic-American Relations (a terror front group) agree: they are above U.S. law, serving the higher law of Islam.

Finally, just as in Europe, we are seeing a systematic takeover by Islam right here in the U.S.  From 2000 to 2010, the number of mosques in the U.S. went from 1,209 to 2,106.  In many of these facilities, hate is preached, and homegrown terrorism is supported.

What do we hear from Obama, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano and others if you express concern about the obvious Islamic invasion of our country? 

“Racist. Islamophobic! Moron!”

Time to face facts Americans: with the help of the mainstream media, an Islamo-Communist has occupied the White House, threatened the Supreme Court, and effectively neutralized Congress. 

Only a handful of legislators, led by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, stand in Obama’s way.   If he is not dealt with soon through impeachment, one day, as Ronald Reagan warned, we will have to describe for our children and grandchildren what it was like in America when people were free.

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