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Mitt saves Detroit and then the GOP can save our country...great plan

Interesting proposal.  Just like Reagan turned the economic mess the backwoods peanut farmer created, Mitt Romney could take the blight known as Detroit, apply conservative financial principles, turn it around and prove beyond any doubt that Obama's ecomomic policies are putting our country on a path of destruction.

How Mitt Romney Can Save The GOP… And America

March 7, 2013 by

What if I told you Mitt Romney can solve two of America’s biggest problems? Yes, the man whose mediocre Presidential campaign almost sunk the entire GOP can now save it. Even better, the same Mitt Romney, now an unelected private citizen, can also save Detroit — and, by doing so, prove the conservative model for the U.S. economy works and become an American hero. Let me tell you how.
Regardless of the lies the Administration and media are telling us, we are sliding into the abyss.
Folks, the U.S. economy is going down like the Hindenburg.

Why is this happening? You can see America’s future by studying Detroit. Barack Obama’s policies are damaging the entire U.S. economy, the same way that socialist policies (Democrats call them “progressive”) have destroyed Detroit. Detroit is a microcosm for everything ailing our economy.

For almost five consecutive decades, Detroit has been run by liberal Democrats following the exact policies Obama is now forcing on the U.S. economy: bigger government, more government spending, out-of-control entitlements, too many government employees, obscene pensions, high taxes, too much debt and an economy run based on “fairness” and social justice. Just look at the results; you’ll get sick to your stomach.

The Obama economic model has been on display forever in Detroit (1961 was the last time Detroit had a Republican in charge). The result is a bankrupt Third World hellhole in the middle of America.
I wrote a commentary here at Personal Liberty back in December reporting on how far Detroit has fallen. Here are just a few select highlights:
Under Obama, these kinds of results are now happening across America. The only difference is that Democrats had a 50-year head start with Detroit.

But life is funny. All this terrible news actually brings up a great opportunity. First, we learned just days ago that I was right: Detroit is now officially bankrupt, and the Governor is about to appoint a manager to try to save Detroit. Second, did you see the Romney interview on FOX News? Romney is retired, sitting on the sidelines, playing with his grandkids, chomping at the bit to use his lifetime of business experience to save the U.S. economy. Anyone can see that he desperately wants to get back in the game.

Here’s where opportunity meets a lifetime of preparation. Here’s a chance for Republicans and Democrats to stop debating, arguing and yelling at each other. Here’s an opportunity to prove by real-life example that when it comes to the economy, jobs and money, we need adults who know how to run a business in charge.

Conservatives and capitalists are the ones who have the ideas and know-how to save America.
Fate is calling. Romney was born for this role. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder should appoint Romney to oversee the turnaround of Detroit.

Last week, I mentioned here at Personal Liberty that Romney was the perfect person to become President of the United States at this moment in time. And some of you didn’t get what I meant. Yes, Romney was a lousy candidate. No debate there. No, he’s no inspiring speaker. No debate there. And he sure isn’t a principled conservative like Barry Goldwater or libertarian like Ron Paul. But I wasn’t talking about any of those things. America at this moment in time needs a businessman. A Mitt Romney or Lee Iacocca or Ross Perot. We need a no-nonsense CEO and turnaround specialist who knows how to cut budgets with a buzz saw and a bazooka.

Romney not only may be the greatest business turnaround expert of our time, sitting bored on the sidelines, just looking for a way to contribute; but he’s also a Michigan native. He’s the hometown boy. This is the perfect situation.

I’m betting that within a year this world-class brilliant businessman can give Detroit’s residents hope, and within three years put Detroit on the road to recovery. How? By undoing the damage done by five decades of Democratic policies.

It’s time to put a responsible adult in charge. It’s time to show the difference between a CEO running a city or country versus a community activist and socialist. I’m betting Romney will turn the Detroit economy around, just like he turned a failing, bankrupt Salt Lake City Olympics into one of the great successes in Olympic history. Just like he turned around dozens of major companies. Just like Ronald Reagan turned Jimmy Carter’s economy of misery, malaise and 21.5 percent interest rates into the greatest economic expansion in world history, with 20 million new jobs created almost overnight.

This doesn’t take brain science; it takes cutting government, cutting spending, cutting entitlements, cutting government employees and cutting bloated salaries and pensions. It takes running a government for the taxpayers, not the unions and welfare addicts. And it takes a leader with the courage to do it.

Let’s give Romney a chance to show what he can do. I’m the guy who predicted that President Mitt Romney would turn around the U.S. economy in record time — not because I agreed with his politics (I think he’s way too moderate, wishy-washy, nanby-pamby, Northeast liberal for me), but because saving the economy is about understanding business.

Ninety-nine percent of even the most fantastic conservative and libertarian politicians have never created a job. So let’s try an experiment with Detroit. We have nothing to lose; it can’t get any worse. Let’s see what a talented CEO with a wealth of business experience can do with a hellhole created by Obama-like economic policies.

Then, after Romney saves Detroit, the voters will finally have a proven model. There will be proof that Obama’s ideas are a failure and that fiscally conservative ideas are what will restore the American economy and the American dream. This isn’t a game. Our jobs and livelihoods and the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. It’s time to prove lawyers and community activists shouldn’t be running our cities or States or country. We need to put adults and businessmen and businesswomen in charge of the finances.

Mr. Obama, are you game? Do you really want to save America? Do you really want to create jobs? Do you want to get people off food stamps? Or are you afraid this experiment might actually work?

As they say in poker, I’ll go “all in.” I’m betting on Romney as the guy to save Detroit and, therefore, show the way to save America. This isn’t about politics. I’ve never been a big fan of Romney’s politics. But this is about business. It’s simple: Government needs to be run like a business. It has to be run for the taxpayers. It has to be run on a budget. And if you don’t have the money, you cut spending. It’s time to put adults in charge. Here’s our chance.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God Bless.

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