Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transparency? The Obama WH? Yea, right!

 File this under the "Gee, really?".  An article that is truly a lesson in the obvious.  But since our lying POTUS is constantly claiming that his administration is the "most transparent in history", it certainly needs to be highlighted every once in awhile.  I also included a very well-articulated post to the article at the bottom.

One thing Obama could do to limit the amount of lies that his administration gets caught up in is to perhaps just talk to Jay Carney on occasion just so they can get their lies straight.  Count how many times those two buffoons contradict one another on a story and then Carney is forced to perform a tap dance when he's called on it.  I wonder how that parrot sleeps at night?  Does he have children?  God, I hope not.  That is one lineage I hope comes to an abrupt end. 

Obama administration fails watchdog’s transparency test

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