Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm not convinced that this story line is accurate, but no doubt the argument is convincing

Obama Has Won! Is Civil War Inevitable?

Some of you are already shaking your head and arguing with my headline. I can hear the conservative craniums rattling all across America’s fruited plains, her mountain’s majesty, and from sea to shining sea. Let me clarify my title. Let’s start with the first half: Obama Has Won! But you scream back angrily at me, “NO he hasn’t! He didn’t win! We’ll never admit defeat!” Good for you. I appreciate and respect your patriotism and tenacity.

Unfortunately, you’re wrong. There’s no denying that one. He was re-elected, and he’s achieved every goal he set out to win short of disarming the American people. Obama’s primary objective (his mission statement if you will) is “To fundamentally change America.” Many argue that he’s already done that. I would argue that America was already fundamentally changed years before he was voted into office.

Three things paved the way for the Obama Presidency:

1. God was banned from the public arena. The Founding Fathers warned us that only an informed and moral people could sustain a constitutional republic. As it turns out, our founding parents were right. Only a moral people can know the difference between right and wrong. Look at our present culture. Wrong is right and right is wrong. We’re 180 degrees out of phase. For heaven’s sake we can’t even agree that men shouldn’t marry other men and that we shouldn’t pull babies from their mother’s bellies and murder them. Without God we are pond scum, and scum has no intrinsic value, no self-esteem, and no reason for existence. (That might help explain the skyrocketing suicide rate in our country.)

2. We lost the public school system. Once God left the schools, the liberals took over the education of our young. Right under our noses they captured that generation as well as the next generation (produced by the prior litter via unholy out-of-wedlock sin.) They dumbed us down, churning out millions of low-information voters. And since God wasn’t there to hold us accountable, it was easy for liberal teachers to sell our children a menu of selfish immorality. Kids don’t know any better unless they’re taught at a young age that serving others is better than serving your own vain and selfish appetite. Humans are inherently evil, not inherently good. Without God we have no compass.

3. We lost the media. The media, that stalwart fourth estate, the unofficial branch of government that always kicks in when the politicians lose their way, is no longer with us. Instead, the media is owned by the liberals. I should go farther and say that the media is now simply a soul-less, masturbatory tool of Barack Obama. (Bill Clinton was the John the Baptist of the liberal movement, paving the way for one greater than he, one, whose sandals he is unworthy to bear. Bill Clinton desensitized the American public to an immoral presidency. “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” Of course you didn’t! It wasn’t sex; it was just a blow job in the oval orifice. It was none of our business anyways.) Now, the American people are so desensitized to immorality that it no longer matters what the president does. It’s no big deal. Sell machine guns to Mexican drug cartels and cause the death of Border Patrol agents? No problem. Withhold security from the Ambassador to Libya? No worries. He’s toast. And through it all, the media remains complicitly silent.

If politics is a game of Chess, then liberals are Bobby Fischer, and conservatives are The Three Stooges. In a cunning game of patience and forethought, conservatives just can’t compete.

Conservatives have always relied on informed voters with integrity and moral fiber, but they no longer have that advantage. It became clear to me that when Barack Obama won his second term: America was lost. We no longer have a society of voters capable of making prudent, wise decisions. Over half our electorate is now composed of narcissists who vote for their own selfish interests.

So where does that leave us? Is there any hope at all for America? Maybe, but I’m skeptical. For some time now I’ve wondered: Is there any hope for America this side of bloodshed? Was Thomas Jefferson correct when he said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

It is its natural manure.”

Prior to the first American Revolution, there was a period of about forty years where the people became unhappy with their King, where they gradually strained against the tightening bonds that sought to enslave them. I see it happening again. The ground is fertile for both slavery and revolution.

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