Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's pull together to rid our nation of ObamaCare once and for all.

I message I received from Grassroots Action...


Today, the Liberty Counsel legal team faces off against the Obama Department of Justice at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia challenging ObamaCare mandates. 

Liberty Counsel now has the most comprehensive and advanced lawsuit against ObamaCare in the nation! 

This lawsuit could pull the plug on ObamaCare once and for all. ObamaCare can and must be stricken from the laws of our nation before its full implementation in January. 

We are calling on every friend of Grassfire to stand behind Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit with a simple show of support.   


Today's Appellate Court hearing is the opportunity the Supreme Court handed Liberty Counsel last November – and will likely end out at the High Court once again.

Attorney Mat Staver, Founder and President of Liberty Counsel is fully prepared to present oral argument to the three judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and confront the arguments of the DOJ attorneys.

As we all now know, ObamaCare is an outrageous government takeover and is not the solution to America’s health care crisis.

This heinous law also promotes the greatest advance of abortion in America since Roe v. Wade; it undercuts every American’s rights of conscience and religious liberty; it will inevitably destroy, not enhance, the most advanced medical system in the world; and it will bring down the world’s last, best hope for self-government under a Constitution of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Liberty Counsel is challenging (1) the employer mandate; (2) the abortion mandate for religious employers; (3) the abortion mandate for individuals; and (4) the entire law, because tax bills must originate in the House and Harry Reid launched ObamaCare in the Senate.

Bob, today we are urging EVERY friend of Grassfire and every patriot to simply sign a statement of support for Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit.

Click here to add your name to the letter telling Mat Staver that you too stand with Liberty Counsel in supporting their efforts to derail ObamaCare.

++Top 10 ObamaCare Lies

For adding your name to the statement of support, you will be given immediate access to download a free resource: ObamaCare Exposed: Top 10 Lies about ObamaCare.

Click here to add your name and to get your free resource!

Thank you for joining us in supporting Liberty Counsel on this critical lawsuit.

Your friends at Grassfire

P.S. ObamaCare is a law of broken promises and unconstitutional and immoral mandates.  Please let Mat Staver know that you are joining him in the lawsuit to put an end to ObamaCare once and for all.
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