Thursday, May 23, 2013

Support Patriot Voices so we can take back our Country

Do you know the laundry list of some of the top abuses that have plagued President Obama's administration?

  • The Internal Revenue Service admitted that members of the agency targeted Tea Party groups for discriminatory reviews of their applications for tax-exempt status. The Justice Department has initiated a criminal investigation into the matter.
  • According to reports, IRS officials would not grant tax exempt status to a pro-life organization unless they promised to not protest outside of Planned Parenthood clinics.  Freedom to peaceably assemble?  Oh right, that's in our Constitution.  The IRS must have forgotten that one. 
  • We know that President Obama's Justice Department secretly obtained phone records of Associated Press reporters.  Freedom of the press?  Yep, that's in the Constitution, too.  How convenient that President Obama disregarded that.
  • The Obama administration potentially lied and covered-up details about the tragic terrorist attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya to keep the issue quiet before President Obama's reelection.
It's hard to believe that all of these abuses were exposed in just the last month!Help Patriot Voices hold President Obama accountable for his abuses of power. We plan to activate our grassroots army to stand up against these abuses, but we need your help. Would you consider joining our efforts by making a contribution of $25, $35, or $50 to help us hold him accountable for these unconstitutional actions?

  • Look at some of these other abuses that happened before the press was paying attention!
  • President Obama gutted the landmark welfare reform law that I coauthored in 1996.
  • He instructed the Department of Health and Human Services to remove the work requirement for welfare recipients despite its bipartisan support and that it was signed into law by a fellow Democrat - President Clinton.
  • President Obama had his Justice Department file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for enforcing immigration laws. Arizona was just enforcing the laws that Obama refused to enforce.
  • President Obama announced that he would now follow the DREAM Act, a law Congress has not passed. He instructed his Department of Homeland Security to no longer deport young illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria he set.
  • He instructed his Justice Department to stop enforcing DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, a law duly passed by Congress, simply because he did not like the law.
  • He instructed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to grant waivers, and establish new budgets and guidelines for implementing Obamacare, without any Congressional oversight.
  • He had his Department of Interior illegally place a moratorium on offshore drilling. This was illegal because a federal judge in Louisiana held them in contempt of court for "dismissive conduct" for doing that earlier.
It's clear we can't take any more abuses from President Obama.  He's systematically transforming this country so our citizens lose more and more of our rights each day.  Patriot Voices is watching him closely and we are asking you to help us hold him accountable.  We need your participation in order to activate our grassroots army so please make a contribution of $25, $35, or $50 today so we have the resources to hold him accountable for these unconstitutional actions!Standing with you,
Rick Santorum

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