Friday, November 22, 2013

Governor Huckabee does a great job of summarizing the progressive's misguided illusion that government can do anything as well as the free markets...

Three Stooges Government 

The hallmark of the modern progressive movement is the combination of ignorance and arrogance. The smug, unshakeable belief that they know how to run every industry better than the people who run it now. Obamacare was their first big chance to prove that they really could do it. Instead, it's become the health insurance equivalent of hiring the Three Stooges to cater your Thanksgiving dinner. I think a lot of progressives don't get this yet. They still think a few bandages will bring the cooked goose back to life. But those who are a little smarter realize that they've given voters a stunning reminder of how untrustworthy, expensive, intrusive and incompetent big government can be. As Obamacare crashes and burns, so does their dream of a brave, new leftwing America

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