Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The most accurate description of liberal thinking I've ever read...

National Review

November 19, 2013

. . . with Jim Geraghty

Leftist politics, I maintain, are not a politics at all, but a psychological response to one's shortcomings and feelings of failure. Leftist politics are, simply put, a way of getting even with a world that's done one wrong -- and most people carrying about such grievances against a world that's done one wrong are psychologically broken.
These fairytale "politics" give them an avenue to vent their rages and turmoils about their failures and inadequacies in a way that is deemed, incorrectly, to be socially acceptable and even high-minded.
If a man were raving on the street in this fashion -- about his hopes that someone would literally [do a bad thing – Jim] in a perceived "enemy's" mouth (a perceived "enemy," who, crucially, he's never actually met) -- most of us would shake our heads in secondary shame. Some of the more empathetic of us would call social services and attempt to have the madman brought in for psychological treatment.
But the left -- Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Daily Kos, all of the hateful, raging, vibrating-with-resentment left -- does this sort of thing in the guise of "political commentary" and no one makes the connection between this broken-souled primal screaming and mental unwellness.
That's their cover. They just call their inner rages "politics" and their antisocial behaviors "activism," and then they pretend to be normal, well-adjusted people. 

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