Sunday, November 17, 2013

How could any voter in America...even liberal Californians...elect such a mindless, rambling, self-righteous idiot as Pelosi? Please pass this post to any liberal friend you have and ask them how they could ever be in the same political mindset as this poor excuse for an American.

Video link:

Be sure to look at Pelosi's face after being shown the first clip of her earlier, false assurances (at about the 1:00 mark)? Priceless.

Of course, if David Gregory were actually on top of it, he'd notice that she's arguing that nothing in the law requires that Americans' insurance policies be dropped . . . so is she throwing the Obama administration under the bus for interpreting the grandfather clause so narrowly? Ah, well, at least he's actually willing now to ask the tough questions that should have been asked before the law was passed.

Here's what I cannot decide about Nancy Pelosi: Is she faking cluelessness in order to dodge the tough questions, or is she truly that clueless? It's scary either way.

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