Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haste makes for faulty accusations

Reprinted here from Ann Coulter's Web Site

The Group Claiming Romney Would Raise Taxes on MIddle Class Retracted That Claim -
"The Tax Policy Center said that it was a mathematical necessity that Governor Romney's plan would raise taxes on the middle class," Curtis Dubay of the Heritage Foundation said. "However, they chose which tax preferences were on and off the table."

Matt Jensen of the American Enterprise Institute puts it this way: "They make assumptions somewhat haphazardly about what Governor Romney would and would not be willing to cut in order to pay for the tax reform proposal."

After the uproar over the Obama ads, however, the center noted that it had excluded tax deductions on savings and investment because Romney had said he wished to spare those areas. As others pointed out possible deduction cuts, the center issued another document noting that with some changes, there is no reason, as they put it, why a reform proposal "would have to raise taxes on middle-class households."

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