Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is Presidential?

I have to say…in my lifetime of sixty some years, we’ve had some good presidents…we’ve had a great president, we had a really bad president…but this is the first time we’ve ever had a vile president.  And I surely hope it will be the last one I see in my lifetime…or my children’s lifetime…or their children’s lifetime…or their…well, you get the idea. 
This day after display of smugness…childish retribution…is so not Presidential.  Could you imagine Ronald Reagan, either of the Bush Presidents, or even Bill Clinton (well, that may be a stretch, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) behaving this way in a public forum? 
You must view this video.  It displays our President – the leader of the greatest nation in the world – attacking and slandering a man who showed passion, intelligence, restraint, yet toughness when it was warranted during a debate, supposedly between two leaders.  As it turned out we were one leader short. 
Liberals are truly lemmings who are so fearful of the truth.  They fear the facts, they loathe all who will not drink their Kool-Aid, and they refuse to ever admit that there is a better way to get this country back on the path to greatness once again than their socialistic government of entitlements. 
Barack Hussein Obama should never have been elected the first time, but at least its almost understandable how he charmed his way into the Whitehouse even though devoid of any qualifications.  He is a fabricated, manufactured President, bolstered his whole career by cronies, crooks and shadowy Islamic backers.  We MUST get him out of Washington before this country falls into the abyss.
Take a few minutes and watch this video and then get fired up and decide to do whatever you can – with money, your time, or both – to support the Romney/Ryan team.
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