Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I found some calm and solace in this

I can't imagine anyone as saddened by the outcome of the November 6 election results as I.  I'm sure there are many however.  Lately, my saddness has turned to anger. I'm afraid the next stage may be rage if this administration continues with its arrogance, dishonety and blatant disregard for anything decent. 

No matter what the scandal or dispicable, repulsive, anti-American behavior - Benghazi, Fast & Furious, EPA secret emails, suspicions of voter fraud and suppression, repulsive ads produced and aired by the left wing moveon.org, lies about Al Qaeda on the decline, class warfare, race warfare, secret deals with Russians, embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, failure by democrats to side with Israel, sympathy towards Hamas and Palestinians, failure to stop Iran's race to nuclear armament - no one is held accountable. 

The treasonous Liberal media enables this adminsitration to slide by without proper scrutiny and accountability.  Democrats predictably scream racism, sexisim whenever conservatives question anyone associated with this administration who happens to be either female, or black...or, God forbid, both!  Anyway.  I truly found some peace in this article by Erick Erickson of RedState. 

I will probably read it often as days go by, as we face the fiscal cliff, as Obama continues to escape accountability for the deaths of four brave Americans, as conservatives are continously crucufied by the liberal news organziations, as our Christian belief faces a constant stream of attacks by the secular left wingers. If you are in the same place I am, I hope you too can find some calm and solace in this message.



I Believe and Am Thankful

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