Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laura Ingraham's Blog Post on Obama's Lack of Concern about the Fiscal Cliff

Spending cuts? What spending cuts?

Obama, who hasn't met with Speaker of the House John Boehner in almost two weeks, instead sent Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to discuss the fiscal cliff with House Republicans. But Boehner came out of meeting saying that there had been "no substantial progress", and it was clear the White House needed to get serious. According to Boehner, President Obama has still refused to say how he would rein in spending on entitlements.

But there's no need to take Boehner's word for it: The New York Times is reporting that President Obama has been talking a lot about tax cuts, but has been moving away from spending cuts. Candidate Obama kept talking about a "balanced approach", but apparently that didn't even last a month. How many promises does Obama have to break before Congressional Republicans and voters learn to stop trusting him?

Millions of Americans are extremely worried about the upcoming fiscal cliff. One person certainly isn't: Barack Obama. Apparently, President Obama has scheduled a $4 million dollar vacation that could begin as early at December 17th! On taxpayer dime, of course. So to summarize, President Obama (who supposedly cares about cutting spending) isn't talking about spending, is taking a vacation during fiscal cliff negotiations, and is doing so by spending taxpayer money!

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