Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm exhausted and deflated

Of all the articles I could have selected for the first post of the day, this one seems to resonant the most for my personal situation.  Frankly, I am burned out, I'm frustrated, I am sadder now than a week ago.  I cannot understand how this race can even be close.  My faith in this country is truly dwindling.  We seem to be a nation of takers.  Lazy, uneducated, unintiated masses of loathsome people looking only for handouts from the bloated government. 

I wish I didn't think this way, but I do. I cannot help thinking that I've been reading only those sites and articles that I know will tell me what I want to hear and not reality.  Why? Because I am beginning to see some backpedaling.  The tone is a little less optimistic and the arguments for a Romney win are based on less tangible reasons - like "more enthusiasiam, bigger GOP turnout expected, Obama's record keeping supporters at home, etc."  Most polls I am seeing now are trending toward the Liberals, even if ever so slightly. 

I also believe that Sandy has had a positive impact on Obamanation's image no matter what the conservatives are claiming.  I am also very upset with Governor Christie's fauning over Obama.  Far too much. Obsequious even. I understand that he is most interested in getting maximum Federal assistance for his constuents, but Obama should be championing that cause no matter how he is treated by the host governor.  I know I won't forget Christie's self-survivial mode that probably contributed to Obama's positive image. 

I guess politicians never look at the big picture when their own little world is threatened.  The Romney campaign issued a memo stating it holds no ill will toward Christie.  I'm not as gracious I'm sorry to say. Oh well.  Back to this post.  What I found most interesting is a post to this article from an Australian citizen, which I copied below.  I only wish our own citizenry were as aware of the monumental decision that awaits us November 6, and it's lasting impact on the direction of our country as this poster. 

Four more years of socialism, open borders, entitlements, weakening of our status and stature over seas, corruption, cronysim, by passing the legislative process with executive orders, hiring of unqualfied Czars, secret deals with Russia, sympathizing of Muslim causes, will be too much from which we will ever recover without open revolution.  But then, that's why the government has purchased enough hollow-nosed bullets to shoot all of us 7 times over.  God help us please.

This Race is Over

We are less than a week from the election.

At this point, I just want it over. I want my life back. I’m worn out. I am struggling to still care now that I have cast my absentee ballot.

I think most Americans feel that way. The people of Ohio and Florida are begging for a return to TV ads for male enhancement drugs and self-lubricating catheters.

Right now, according to a Fox News poll, the race is tied. A National Journal poll has Obama up 5. A Rasmussen poll has Romney up 2. Nobody really knows who is ahead. I think Romney is. My Democrat friends think Obama is. Privately, everyone concedes they really don’t know.

At this point, I have a hard time believing undecided voters are going to vote. The die is cast. There is little more either side can do to shift voters. Right now it is all about turning out the vote, not persuading people.

There is worry among a lot of Republicans who spend too much time on Twitter that somehow Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie have shifted momentum in the race back to Barack Obama. I don’t think so. I think Romney has a ton of independent voters. While I don’t think he will win Pennsylvania, I think those Democratic voters who decided to ignore Barack Obama on the Democratic Primary ballot earlier this year are a bigger problem that has been overlooked nationwide.

A lot of Democrats may not vote for Mitt Romney, but they may sit it out for Barack Obama. Gallup, Pew, and other pollsters show Republicans doing very well in early voting — better than 2008 and better than Obama in many cases. Several pollsters, including Gallup, predict a higher Republican turnout than Democrat turnout.

If Republicans and Democrats are within three points of each other in turnout and Mitt Romney is winning independent voters by double digits, which he is, relax and go vote. The fat lady is warming up her vocals. Harness the uneasy feeling and participate in phone banking.

Come what may, we’re almost there

3 hours ago
I don't live in the USA and am not an American.
But Red State Briefing has given me an excellent overview of current political developments as the election reaches its critical point.
Thank you Eric for your excellent and incisive analysis of the Presidential race and the issues that concern all of us - not just Americans.
I hope with all my heart that Governor Romney is the next President.
It is inconceivable that Barack Obama could be returned based on his record.
The terrible events in Benghazi ought to be the final straw that breaks the back of Mr Empty Suit.
Here in Australia, voting is mandatory. Republicans must get out and vote - the alternative to Mitt Romney is just not conceivable.
God bless America.

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