Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where has our country gone?

While not final as I write this, it appears that Obama will have another four years to continue his path of destruction of the country that our founding fathers formed with the most wonderful roadmap, the Constitution of the United States.  Obama will certainly build government bigger and bigger.  His cronies will continue to occupy positions as Czars, cabinent heads; they'll continue to be recipients of government loans and subsidies to develop "green energy.  Our precious, bountiful reserves of fossil fuels that could be used to make us independent of Middle East oil will remain in the ground; our respect ib the world community will continue to diminish; we will experience increasing exposure to terrorist attacks on our sovereign soil throughout the world. Illegal immigrants will be granted the same privileges as citizens but will also subsidized by our tax dollars.  Our country soon will no longer be "a nation under God".  The Muslim Brotherhood will gain greater access to our Whitehouse.  Islam will soon be a required course in our schools.  Our children, and our children's children will be burdened with massive debt.  Obamacare will become fully implemented and will place our access to healthcare in the hands of non-medical bureaucrats.  It may even become rationed like it is in Canada.  Our economy will teeter on the brink of complete disaster until the United States will be indiscernable from France, the UK, Spain, Greece.  More and more citizens will become recipients of government entitlements until the makers can no longer support the takers.  Obama will have a large and perpetually growing voting block of welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, Hollywood airheads, liberal academicians, that will prevent any conservative from occupying the Whitehouse in any of our lifetimes.  On the plus side, Sandra Fluke will get free condoms.

The saddest result of this election is the realization that an incumbant President can have one of the worst terms in history; can run the most negative, nasty, even vile campaign and still win re-election.  I cannot help but wonder if we have simply become a nation of detached, ignorant lemmings.  We perhaps deserve what we have coming.  Unfortunately, all will suffer, for generations to come.  Another sobering thought - Joe Biden, perhaps the most incompetent politican in Washington, will remain a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world for another four years.

I just heard that Obama won Ohio.  Game over.  Second saddest day of my life.  How could this have happened?  Where do we go from here?
Still listening to Fox News.  Charles Krauthammer is speaking - a man deserving of tremendous respect.  He has given me some hope - just a glimmer, but hope nonetheless.  He feels that Obama's next four years will be stagnation since he has no mandate, no intention of seeking bipartisanship.  We will survive - barely - until the conservative movement will possess a stable of very prominent and presidential politicians such as Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio who can pick up the pieces - what they may be - and put our country back on the right path by once again using the US Constitution as a roadmap.

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