Sunday, July 21, 2013

If ever there were doubt that history repeats itself….listen to this 2 minute and 57 second video…wait till the very end and if a chill doesn’t run up your spine, then you are most definitely either a socialist, liberal or simply a follower of anyone offering you free stuff for nothing

Yes.  It is quit apparent the road our once great country is traveling aimlessly down.   If something is not done soon, there WILL be revolution in this country.  Why?  Because rest assured, there are still a great many Patriots in this country who will tire of the futile efforts of our politicians to thwart the continuous attempts of our corrupt government in Washington to trample our constitution, shred our Bill of Rights, discredit our country abroad, weaken our economy, divide our people over race, sexual orientation, and between the have’s and have not’s.   

Need proof that we are indeed heading towards destruction?  Take a look at Detroit.  The financial policies practiced there by the liberal democrats – yes, all democrats…not one republican has been in a position of power in Detroit since the 1960’s - is a simply a microcosm of what we have now going on in Washington.  

Wake up people!  Listen to this video and leave a comment.  Spread the link to every one you know who is a blind follower of Obama and his corrupt cronies.  Actually, never mind.  They are beyond redemption after electing the most incompetent, most inexperienced, most liberal, most un-American non-citizen to the Presidency of the United States, not once, but twice?  Even after four years of the most failed administration in recent memory.   Get a gun Patriots.  We will need sooner and not later.  

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