Friday, July 19, 2013

Like a true Leftist Liberal Ideologue, Obama never lets facts enter the conversation or affect his interpretations of the latest “crisis to be exploited” to further his progressive agenda

Obama blames racism, guns for Zimmerman acquittal in emotional, rambling surprise speech
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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama took the White House podium Friday to offer marginal fixes to the problems raised by last week’s acquittal George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla.

The president ran through a host of topics in an emotional, somewhat rambling speech, including the higher-than-average murder rate by young black men.

Obama acknowledged that black males have a higher-than-average crime rate, but dismissed that as an “excuse” for treating blacks youths differently. He tried to blame the problems on racism by the majority of Americans.

To fix the problem of racism, as Obama described it during the unscheduled, surprise event, he suggested states pass laws to curb “profiling” and reduce the “stand your ground” legal defenses. He also urged people to talk about the issues in their communities and churches.

On “profiling,” Obama said African-American communities recognize that African-American youths are more likely to be involved in crime.

However, he suggested that people should ignore the data and not treat it as an “excuse” for treating African-Americans differently.

Obama he repeatedly stressed the role of racist attitudes in society as a contributing factor for the February 2012 shooting of Martin during a nighttime fight with Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer.

Overall, people should ask themselves “am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can?”

Overall, he suggested, younger people are less racist that older people.

“Things are getting better. … Each successive generation seems to be getting better in changing attitudes when it comes to race,” Obama said.

However, unlike previous generations of leftists, Obama did not suggest any economic fixes.

Many left-wing advocates blame blacks’ high-crime rate on economic factors, such as free-trade, which has reduced well-paying manufacturing jobs in Detroit and other cities.

Obama also did not offer any proposals that contradict progressives’ preferences for mass immigration and reduced status for the nuclear family and marriage.

Many centrists and social-conservatives say the high crime rate among younger blacks is partly caused the collapse of African-American families. Roughly 70 percent of blacks are now born outside marriage.

Obama’s association of the Zimmerman case with racism and “stand your ground” laws also appear to be contradicted by the facts of the case. Martin’s family, Department of Justice investigators, the jurors in the case and even the prosecutors, who declined to accuse Zimmerman of racism, all concluded that race did not factor into the tragedy.

Zimmerman also waived his right to a defense under Florida’s expansive “stand your ground” law. Some details of the law were included in jury instructions, but it played no role in the decision, according to jurors.

Florida’s “stand your ground” law has, however, been widely used by black defendants who have in many cases successfully pleaded self-defense in criminal cases. (Related: Blacks benefit from Florida ‘stand your ground’ law at disproportionate rate)

Journalists were unable to quiz Obama about these larger issue. He quickly stepped away from the podium at the end of his statement, and ignored at least one shouted question.

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