Sunday, July 28, 2013

Response to a comment from a die-hard liberal

I felt compelled to respond to a comment my blog received from a Liberal. One who you can tell right off the bat has drank the Kool-Aid and one who also proves my points that 1. Liberals MUST continue to divide our country to have the power they so much seek, and 2. They will never, ever look at history from sober eyes and tell it like it is, as opposed to as they would like it to be...

The comments are in black font, my rebuttals are in blue font....

How could anyone disagree with these 5 truisms.

1.You cannot increase prosperity in the masses by concentrating wealth in the elite.
To the contrary, this is the ONLY way to increase prosperity.  Fact - after 4 and a half years of "wealth distribution" our economy is experiencing one its worst "recoveries" in over 50 years.  Several more years and unemployment will be double digit, entitlements will be unsustainable, and 60% of America will be on Food Stamps and welfare (we aren't that far off already)
2.The elite can only increase its wealth by exploiting those who do not have power.
First of all, notice the derisive label you place on the "job makers" in our free enterprise economy - "the elite". For liberals, America is black and while, "haves and have nots", them and us.  Divide and gain power by pandering to the weaker, less informed masses. Let me set you straight - no socialist government has ever achieved long term sustainability.   

Why? Because in every socialist society, the "takers" will always, at some point, out number the makers. The makers will either scale down their businesses (which is being exacerbated by ObamaCare as I write this - another failed socialistic, spread-the-wealth misdeed) or they simply pull up stakes and go someplace where the government doesn't impede growth and prosperity through exorbitant taxation and "nanny state" over regulation.  Look at California - the makers are picking up and heading east to Texas, where their hard work and valuable contribution to our economy is appreciated and encouraged.  Look at Detroit -  under the Democrats rule for over 55 years.  Entitlements, cronyism, corruption on such a grand scale, and unsustainable union pension promises. 

Both California and Detroit are just microcosms of what our corrupt, lawless socialist amateur of a president has in store for America. Chicago - home turf of Obama and his hoard of corrupt cronies - is not far behind for the very same reasons that sank Detroit. Want another example of a socialist government being flushed into oblivion?  Look at France.  Taxing the so-called "elite" to the brink of bankruptcy has dried up the pool of wealth meant to be redistributed to the masses of under achievers.     
3.Government that fails to treat with equality ends up being exploited by the wealthy.
Well well.  Whatta ya know!  We agree on something.  Of course the government must treat all citizens fairly.  We ALL have the same opportunity to make something of ourselves in this country.  Do not  blame the lack of opportunity of the 47% who cannot make enough to even qualify as a taxpayer.  

Blame bad choices.  Babies born out of wedlock, the disintegration of the family unit, the lack of self-respect and respect for fellow man, secularism, all breed the welfare mentality. THAT'S what keeps people on welfare friend.  Welfare was meant to be a temporary safety net, not a way of life.  But the opportunities to succeed are there for everyone. Except of course when the Democrats and unions so decimate our cities that poverty grows exponentially.   
4.You cannot multiply wealth by favoring those who have wealth.
No favoritism here my friend.  Look at the statistics.  Less than 2% of individuals pay over 60% of the taxes. And you want to tax them more????  To what end?  More entitlements, more poverty, more inner city crime, more expatriation of the makers to greener pastures - or should I say redder pastures.  You make absolutely no sense and history has proven you wrong.  Can you multiply wealth by simply re-distributing wealth?  Of course not.  The spigot eventually dries up.  Always has and always will.
5.When 2% think the other 98% have no rights, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
Now you are just being silly.  Typical liberal talking points.  You are speaking from emotion and not from logic and common sense.  Oh, by the way, your liberal talking points for the week are "Washington has taken its eye off the economy due to the distractions from phony scandals".  How many times has Obama pivoted back to the economy?  With his approval rating in the toilet, he has once again implemented the old slight of hand right from the Alinksy playbook. Distract, lie, rinse and repeat. 

I saw the play Wicked last night and I was so amazed at how much the political satire so much seemed to play on the Obamanation.  But the book was written in the good old days - before Obama, Holder, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid.  So must have been a coincidence - or prognostication maybe.  Just thought of something to ask you - doesn't it bother you at least a little bit to be a bedfellow of such corrupt, unscrupulous anti-America pond scum like this brood?  

Please.  Next time you post a comment, use some common sense and not just some rehashed social philosophies of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers and now, Barack Hussein Obama.

From a liberal to a conservative who is mad because the conservative has had it the conservative's way for the last 30 years, and is just now beginning to understand that this country can't survive due to those 30 years of abuse. 
Under Ronald Reagan, our country prospered.  People were all treated with respect and given the same opportunity.  Once again you are sputtering nonsense and silly talking points.  Liberals believe that if you say something often enough, at least the low-information citizens will start to believe you.  

Hey. Why not speed up your vision of utopia and just move to France now.   I might even buy your one-way ticket for you. 

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