Thursday, April 11, 2013

History is the worst enemy of Socialism

Sad to say but  true.  We are now a country heading towards ruin because of the most liberal President in the history of our country.  The only ray of hope are the lessons of history.  Socialism is not self-sustaining.  In fact its self-destructive.  It has to be.  And there are scores of civilizations that have proven this to be the case. 

Why don't liberals....Oh wait, what am I saying?  Liberals never, ever consider facts, logic and the lessons of history when they formulate their agendas.  Rather than expostulate further, I think I'll just end this short post with some concise, pithy but true sound bites that are an American icon - bumper stickers.

Once government consumes all producer's resources, it starves, collapses and nobody wins

Socialism sounds great on paper...until you run out of other people's money!

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