Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How gullible can the poor be in this country thinking that the liberals really care about their lot in life? A biased media supporting a President who shows so little concern for lifting people out of poverty.

I think Laura Ingraham stated the case for a change in the direction of this country quite well with one of her latest blogs...

April 9, 2013
Obama's America: poverty skyrockets, yet press yawns
Posted by Laura

During the Reagan years, the media accused conservatives of not caring for the poor, lacking compassion for the less fortunate.  Fast forward 3+ decades as the ranks of the poor balloon under Obama's leadership, as joblessness ravages the young and minority communities hardest. The blame is never squarely placed on his shoulders.  It is always someone else's fault--Boehner, McConnell, or Fox News.

This is an appalling lack of accountability for a man whose idea of sacrifice is a 5 percent pay cut as he spends millions to golf with Tiger Woods.  And we the people are paying dearly.
04/9/13 5:43 AM

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