Friday, April 12, 2013

Join the Special Forces effort that DEMAND answers to the administration failures that led to the 9/11 attack on our people in Benghazi, Libya, because contrary to the words of Hillary Clinton, IT DOES MATTER!

As Americans, we must do all we can to demand answers to the debacle that occurred in Bengahzi on September 11.  Four brave American patriots died in defense of our people and we need to know why.  The Special Ops OPSEC are pushing hard to get the answers and we need to support their efforts.  People in the Obama administration allowed four Americans to die.  They need to be held accountable.  We need answers.  We need transparency.  Please go to the Special Ops website and sign the petition so your voice will be added to the thousands already pushing for answers.  If you are not sure what questions need to be answered, this website lists all of them for you.  What we know, what we still need to learn and why.

Please take a few moments.   We owe it to our dead patriots and their grieving families. 

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