Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Will the madness ever stop?

Here’s a personal selection of the topics making the rounds today that either infuriate or sadden me.  I am truly getting extremely despondent over the direction of our country of late. 
Secular brainwashing in schools, the attack on marriage, unlimited entitlements, political correctness gone mad, progressive agendas destroying cities and even states like California, trampling of the constitution and our amendments and our freedom in general, nanny libs telling us what we can and cannot eat, own or even view (hide those cigarettes!). 
It’s all so incredulous.  Anyway, here are links to some stories to inform and entertain and perhaps even inspire you enough to get involved in the movement to take back our country.
Story 1 -
First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration
Call it chutzpah, balls, arrogance, narcissism, or whatever.  This President continually raises the bar on hypocritical behavior. To host a star-studded affair while closing tours of our White House is simply beyond belief…
“President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will host a star-studded roster of music legends April 9 for another glitzy installment in the “In Performance at the White House” concert series, according to a White House press released issued Tuesday.”
Story 2 -

Associated Press declares: We will no longer use the term “illegal immigrant”; Update: NYT rethinking too?

Here’s what I mean about political correctness gone mad.  An immigrant who comes here illegally is what you would call an illegal immigrant, right?  Apparently not.  The Associated Press feels that the moniker causes the individual who committed the crime of illegal entry into our country (or overstaying their visa) to much humiliation, or pain, or embarrassment.  Does this mean, when we call 911 when a burglar is entering our home, we tell the dispatcher that an uninvited guest is entering our home.  This is all going to far even for liberals.   

Yes, really. Remember, even a notorious immigration squish like McCain refuses to bow to Orwellian demands to stop using the term “illegal immigrant.” With good reason: Isn’t “illegal immigrant” itself a politically correct alternative to the statutory term “alien”? “Illegal alien” was too harsh and Other-y, so “illegal immigrant” came into vogue. They’re just like other immigrants! Except without following all the immigration rules.”

Read the full story here…
Story 3 -

Dr. Ben Carson to Newsmax: The Critics Won’t Silence Me

Tuesday, 02 Apr 2013 07:47 PM
By Bill Hoffmann

Very soon after Dr. Carson lectured our anointed one at The Prayer Breakfast, the left, especially  the Black Lefties have vilified and attacked him for his conservative views.  I even witnessed a liberal black radio host call Dr, Carson a “monster” because he used gay marriage in the same sentence as bestiality and the North American Man/Boy Love Association.  For sure, the liberals immediately accused him of equating the three.  Here is a man who was raised in poverty in a one-parent home in a project and managed to become one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons in our country.  He also happens to be a black conservative, which is enemy number 1 to progressives, liberals and socialists.  Worth reading about Dr. Carson, because he may be in the spotlight more and more as 2016 approaches.
Dr. Ben Carson — the brilliant neurosurgeon and staunch conservative who appears to have his eye on a possible presidental run — says he will never, ever be intimidated into silence by critics who attack him for his beliefs.
Read the full story here…

Story 4 -
Carson: White Liberals the Most Racist

Dr. Ben Carson on Tuesday accused critics of his stance on gay marriage of trying to completely shut down debate on the issue and called his white liberal critics “the most racist out there.”

In an appearance on the Mark Levin radio show, Carson said he represents an existential threat to gay marriage proponents, which is why attacks on his stance against gay marriage have been so vicious.

“They need to shut me up, they need to get rid of me. They can’t find anything else to delegitimize me, so they take my words, misinterpret them, and try to make it seem that I’m a bigot,” he said.

After Levin asked him about white liberals, Carson, who is black, said, “They’re the most racist people there are because they put you in a little category, a box. How could you dare come off the plantation?”
Read the full story here…


Story 5 -
The one and only.
This Is Columbia University
God was long ago kicked out of Columbia.  So, I guess its really no surprise that a convicted killer would be hired as a professor…
People who ask how it is possible that a convicted killer — a participant in a failed plot to blow up a social dance attended by 18-year-old draftees and their dates; a murderess who abetted the cold-blooded massacre of three law-enforcement officers, including the first African-American on the Nyack police force; a woman whose actions left nine children fatherless and who has shown no genuine remorse for that — should be hired as an adjunct professor at an elite school like Columbia University haven’t been paying attention to what’s happened to our educational system from kindergarten to the university level, which has long been under the academic thumb of a Left that is comfortable supporting Islamic supremacists and anti-American terrorists both at home and abroad. After all, it was at Columbia that, in the wake of 9/11, Professor Nicholas De Genova told 3,000 Columbia protesters against America’s war on terror that he wished for “a million Mogadishus” and that a peaceful world would have no place for America.

Read the full story here…


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