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Andrea Mitchell and Bob Schieffer - true professional journalists with no hidden agenda - in fact its out in the wide open!

These two articles describe examples of yellow journalism at their best.  The first we find Andrea Micthell completely confused over polls that show the NRA more popular that even the Entertainment Industry.  Imagine that!  As the headline states, she is CONFOUNDED.  The second is a reporting of a recent reporting by liberal lapdog Bob Schieffer who likens the NRA to Nazi's.  The articles are lengthy but worth a perusal to see just what the conservative agenda faces daily in the Lame Stream Press. 

But, most interesting is an article I found that tries to explain why Liberals are so much more close-minded that conservatives.  It seemed so relevant to the two articles below.  I will copy this article in the next post shortly.

Andrea Mitchell Confounded By NRA's 'Surprising' Popularity in New Poll
By Scott Whitlock | January 18, 2013 | 12:47

A perplexed Andrea Mitchell on Thursday highlighted a new NBC poll finding high favorability numbers for the National Rifle Association, results she deemed "surprising." The veteran journalist proclaimed: "The NRA brand has been fairly toxic in many of the debates, the gun debates especially since Newtown, but their membership base is broad and deep." One reason the brand has been "toxic" is because of relentlessly negative coverage from reporters.
Yet, NBC political editor Mark Murray explained, "Despite a lot of the criticism the NRA has received in the month after the Newtown shootings, the NRA has a 41 percent favorable rating, compared to just 34 percent unfavorable." Contributor Chris Cillizza added that "inside the Beltway and in big cities in this country," the NRA may be "akin to a curse word. It is not in the vast majority of the country."
According to the survey, the NRA is significantly more popular than the entertainment industry.
Murray insisted that the NRA's high numbers are "a lot more favorable than some people might anticipate." However, he also made a telling point:
MARK MURRAY: And then, when our poll looked back in the 1990s, the NRA's negative numbers actually outweighed its positive ones, so the NRA is in a better position politically heading into this fight than it was about ten years ago.
Mitchell quickly moved to tout: "Still, there is a disconnect, we are told, between what the NRA says and what their membership believe in terms of some more reasonable limits on guns."
Cillizza seemed to forecast a heavily negative media narrative for the conservative group: "I would say it is uniquely possible that the next several months will see a decline in the NRA's numbers as they come into the spotlight."
With journalists like Andrea Mitchell, that's quite possible.

Bob Schieffer, the NRA, and Nazis: Never again!

LOS ANGELES, January 18, 2013 — The Obama era of liberal civility just keeps on getting better. A gun control discussion that should be about policy has once again given way to leftist bloodlust. As usual, everything with them becomes personal. The multi-billionth example comes from CBS correspondent Bob Schieffer.

Stressing the urgency to restrict the freedoms of law-abiding citizens, Schieffer lamented that "defeating the Nazis, was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby."

Liberals like Schieffer cannot stop. Maybe they are pro-Adolf Hitler, given their insistence in injecting him into every conversation about conservative policies from tax cuts to gun control to foreign policy. Hitler, Brown-shirts, Nazis, Goose-Steppers, and similar analogies flow from their lips as casually as others say "nice day" and "lovely weather."

This is deeply personal for me. My father is a Holocaust survivor. So were his parents. They lived in the woods, constantly on the run. Like animals, they survived through luck and instinct. My father was a baby, spending his first four years hunted like a dog. My grandmother would keep him under her shirt to muffle his cries. Christians (those people the left keeps demonizing) risked their own lives and smuggled my grandfather food and clothing. There was no shelter. After four years on the run, World War II ended. Four years after that, my father and his parents came to America. They were lucky. His grandparents, my great-grandparents were all murdered.

My grandfather went from being a successful farmer to a third-class citizen in America. He washed dishes and worked other menial jobs so his children could eat. Because of his heroism on two continents, his son became a schoolteacher, bought a house, and reached the American middle class. Two grandsons advanced further, with both my cousin and I prospering on Wall Street. Yet while my father survived, he never truly escaped the Holocaust.

Malnourished babies do not fare well.

He was not a drinker, smoker, or drug-user, nor was he overweight. Yet at age 48 he had open-heart surgery, and again at age 66. He has had a chronic cough for over three decades.

Picture feeling ill after being outside in the cold for a couple of hours. Now live that way for four years. My father is 72 now, and his eyesight, body, and mind are all far short of what a man with a "fair" start in life would have. He lives in a state of perpetual anger and sickness, never recovering from what occurred during years where most children are tucked safely in cribs.

While my father was hunted, Schieffer lived comfortably in Texas, where private citizens had guns and children were safe. There is no need to denigrate Schieffer, but he and his ilk need to be educated before invoking the worst evils of mankind.

The NAZIs were nothing like the National Rifle Association. They were the exact opposite. The Nazis were anti-gun. They confiscated guns, starting with those owned by Jews. Like many liberal American Jews today, German Jews were told everything would be fine. The government would protect them.

Warsaw Ghetto Jews kept their guns, although not enough of them. They lasted longer, but were vastly overmatched from a firepower standpoint. If Jews had kept their guns during the Holocaust, there would still have been murdered Jews. There would also have been many more dead Nazis. My father might have grown up with grandparents like I did.

Not every use of hyperbole is inappropriate. Jerry Seinfeld made a celebrity out of the "Soup Nazi." Greg Gutfeld in his "Greg-a-Logue" would opine "If you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler." These are rare exceptions. In serious discussions, it is never acceptable to compare any American politician or group of citizens to Hitler or his National Socialist movement.

Non-Jews note that liberal Jews often use this language to describe conservative Republicans. This does not make it acceptable. It just means they contribute to the problem. Barring evidence that George W. Bush or Tea Party attendees stuck six million Jews into ovens, Nazi comparisons must stop. Barack Obama is also not Hitler. He is a politician implementing policies I disagree with.

The NRA is derisively called the "gun lobby." Yet the gun lobby at it's core is a collection of citizens who simply believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Critics claim they use fear tactics, and that genocidal atrocities could never happen in America. These critics have it backwards. The NRA is why people are safe from such horrors. The NRA is the people. The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. What part of this do leftists not understand?

The "anti-gun lobby" tried their approach. Detroit, Chicago and Washington, DC, became war zones. Children are shot to death because local governments cannot protect them and private citizens are banned from doing so. Schieffer does not have this fear. His office building has gun-toting security personnel.

My father may or may not have much time left depending on what day it is. When asked what he wants out of life, he used to say "a new set of lungs" between coughs. While Schieffer moderates presidential debates, my father struggles to read about it online as his eyesight deteriorates. He used to target shoot every Tuesday. Now he sits in front of a television watching the world burn, saying "my race is run," and "I'm ready to leave." He still clings to his legally purchased guns. The government will have to pry them out of his cold dead hands. He wants to die before that day happens.

My father is not the gun lobby. He is a citizen in the final years of life seeing his last few freedoms taken away. His ultimate indignity is being compared to the evil genocidal criminals who murdered his grandparents 75 years ago.

Shame on you, Bob Schieffer. Shame on anyone who uses such rhetoric.

Never again.

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