Monday, January 21, 2013

Why do liberals constantly re-write history?

Quite frankly I'm really weary of Hollywood types passing themselves off as intelligent, thinking pundits.  Truly, most are idiots and they prove so every time they open their mouth in support of Obama.  Danny Glover is one such moron.  His grasp of historical facts is astonishly lacking.  His attack and interpretation of the Second Amendment - the reason for its inclusion in the Constitution - is so off mark it would be laughable if it weren't being preached to impressionable college students, who have already been inoculated with liberal bias throughout their course material.

Danny…Get a Grip and a History Lesson!

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I have reached a point like many people where I have absolutely no respect for actors like Danny Glover.

Hollywood big shots that bite the hands of liberty by continually and deliberately pushing lies and misconceptions in order to push the liberal narrative for a few extra bucks tend to make me sick.

All the while liberal universities are pushing the idea that honest business men that actually create a useful product are the greedy evil ones. Not only do these “Hollywood elitists” make themselves look like uninformed automatons, but they also help further divide a nation along deeply ideological lines, most of which are severely misunderstood because of the lies being pushed by the likes of liberal Hollywood hypocrites.

As you may already know, Mr. Glover gave a speech to an impressionable bunch of college kids where he claimed that the second amendment was written specifically for the purpose of protecting the evil greedy white man from the revolting slaves. I can’t help but wonder if this was purposefully timed to coincide with the popularity of the movie “Django Unchained?” Let’s not forget that our college students have already been inundated with liberal concepts like white privilege and critical race theory, so to have Danny come and give such a speech surely sets the mindset in stone against our constitution. Unfortunately what Danny doesn’t understand is that he is doing his own people a severe disservice by lying.

Doesn’t anyone remember any history at all? What happened to all the great history of the civil war era? I will tell you what happened, liberals got a hold of the education system and they had a lot of truths that they had to hide. One of these truths was the fact that it was the Republicans that were in favor of arming the freed slaves during the reconstruction era. Part of the Emancipation Proclamation contained language introduced by Union General Daniel Sickles that would allow the arming of the freedmen in order to protect themselves from the former slave owners and confederates, otherwise known as the Democrat Party. This type of support from republicans would continue well into the twentieth century.

It is pretty hard to conceal the fact that the Klu Klux Klan was a militaristic branch of the Democrat party.

Not only were they known for lynching blacks, they pretty much killed anyone that went against the Democrat party line, that included white Republicans. During the civil rights struggle of the sixties it was the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association that played an integral role in defending the rights of blacks. Civil rights hero Robert F. Williams, who was also a WWII veteran, received a charter from the NRA that empowered him to form the “Black Armed Guard” which was used to repel violent attacks against innocent blacks launched by the KKK. So the very purpose of the second amendment was served well by those who were seeking to secure their rights against those who sought to repress them.

In my opinion it is the radical redefinition of American history that is serving to divide America. It is not white people clinging to guns and religion because we have a black president. It is groups that have an agenda to keep everyone else enslaved to an ideology that is self destructive and based on lies. That ideology seeks to convince the low information segment of our culture that government is the answer to our problems and because we have an imperfect history that involved slavery we need a wise and all powerful leader to determine the definition of equality. It is my belief that if people could be made aware of the truth about this history than it would not matter what people like Danny Glover said however; because we have been lied to for several decades opinions like his are likely to have a lasting result as history falls to the wayside. Let’s get the truth out there.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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