Saturday, January 5, 2013

Liberal = Hypocrite

Headline - AT&T, Microsoft on donors list for Obama's second inauguration, in change from 2009

[My take on this article] 
I really have to wonder why the turn about regarding corporate donations for Hussein’s second inauguration.  Let’s see.  What’s different between this one and the first?  Oh, yea.  The first promise to accept no corporate donations came during campaigning.  Now, with his second (and perhaps last) inauguration, no need to even have the pretense of respectability. 

Or, maybe its just simply the well known fact – proven time and time again – that liberals are just plain hypocrites.  Its always what’s best for the little people, but not them.  I can list – and will list – many, many examples of the liberal hypocrisy penchant on this blog.  Anyway, I really just think its another example how this arrogant, narcissistic socialist (or collectivist, or Marxist, whatever moniker best fits his latest action) feels he is entitled to do whatever he damn well pleases.  After all, its not like the liberal media lapdogs are going to call him on it. 

Maybe our Face The Nation "journalist" David Gregory can ask Hussein if this is "his Lincoln moment".  I’ll have lots of examples of this media bias behavior as well.  heck, I can't help it.  Just reporting on real events illustrates the treasonous behavior of the main stream media. 

Our founding fathers most assuredly are rolling in their graves for so many reasons - this one in particular.  They felt the free press was a vital tool in keeping the government legitimate.  Now, ABC, CBS and most blatantly - NBC are simply Hussein cheerleaders.  The POTUS can do no wrong in their eyes.  And when he does, they simply close their eyes.   

Here are the two excerpts from the cited article I thought said it all.  As with all posts, the link to the full article is immediately below the headline.

"Most of the donors are individuals, but the committee has said it will accept unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for Obama's inauguration."

"President Obama made a point in 2009 to reject big-dollar donations from corporations to finance his inauguration. This year, however, as he prepares for his second inauguration Jan. 21, the Presidential Inaugural Committee is logging donations from heavy hitters in the business world, including AT&T and Microsoft."

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