Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our government - anything but balanced!

Please view the video at  the link below (just over 3 minutes) and forward on to anyone you think will be interested.

Washington DC, Anything But Balanced

In 2009, the Tea Party Movement started as a popular movement of like-minded, patriotic Americans who were fed up with the out of control policies in Washington, DC. Over the last four years we have fought many battles. Some won, some lost. We knew from the very beginning that this wouldn't be easy, but we made a commitment to continue the fight for the sake of restoring our Constitution.

Over the last four years we have called for our representatives to be responsible. In the beginning, they ignored us. Then they mocked us. Now, they cloak their actions with the words they think we want to hear.

Earlier this week the President held his final press conference of his first term. If you weren't someone who followed politics, you might have thought he sounded pragmatic - - throwing out the words "responsible," "balanced," and "deficit reduction." However, because you follow politics you understand that his actions over the last four years have been anything but responsible or balanced and not one single penny has been cut in real spending.

Here's a video we made in response to the President's press conference. Share it with your friends and family so they can understand exactly what we are dealing with.

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