Friday, January 25, 2013

You Can Work Your Own Miracles

The following is reprinted from You Can Work Your Own Miracles. Fawcett Publishing. 1971. Pg. 16. by Napolean Hill.  The Free Enterprise System is powerful, it allows people to better their lives and in the end better the lives of many who are impacted by their efforts to create, build and sustain new businesses. 

Far better than the welfare state that relies upon entitlements provided to so many - some of whom certainly need them until such time they can once again begin fending for themselves - but so much is provided to many who have no desire, no ambition to rise above and become self-reliant. 

How anyone can NOT support the political party that embraces Free Enterprise is so baffling to me.  Pride, drive, ambition, self-cofidence, hard work, desire, peristence, integrity are the attributes that those who build better lives for themselves and others possess. 

How can this be wrong?  The socialist road we are on is not self-sustaining.  Re-distribution of wealth by its very nature cannot endure.  Soon, the takers far outnumber the makers and the system collapses. Its logic.  But then again, logic is never a tool the liberals use in arguing their positions. 

Our Matchless System of Free Enterprise

by Napoleon Hill

Our great American Way of Life, our matchless system of free enterprise, and the personal liberty of which we feel so proud, are nothing more than the mental attitude of people organized and directed to specialized ends.

The one factor of the American Way of Life which stands out boldly above all others consists of the laws and the mechanisms of government we have set up to protect the individual in the freedom of control over his mental attitude.

It was this freedom of control over mental attitude which gave us the great leaders who patterned our American Way of Life and our great system of free enterprise. And it is significant that only those who moved with a positive mental attitude became leaders.

Thomas A. Edison’s positive mental attitude sustained him through more than ten thousand failures and led him to the discovery of the incandescent electric light which ushered in the great electrical age and the fabulous riches it gave us.

Henry Ford’s positive mental attitude kept him afloat during his early struggles in building his first automobile, and it served as his greatest and most important asset in establishing the monumental industrial empire, which made him richer than Croesus and provided employment, directly and indirectly, for perhaps more than ten million men and women.

Andrew Carnegie’s positive mental attitude lifted him up from poverty and obscurity and served as his major asset in the establishment of an industry which gave birth to the great steel age, which now serves as the most important link in our entire economic system. .

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