Sunday, January 13, 2013

I guess if they can compare Obama to Lincoln, they can easily compare Washington to...

This article appeared in the Huffington Post today.  If you're so inclined to read it in its entirety, here’s the link…
I saved you from wasting your time by including the paragraph that sums up this divinity student’s reasoning for the assertion in the headline.  This isn’t satire by the way.  Just thought it would be wise to clarify.  Anyway.  The reason I even included this as a posting was a comment I saw on Craig’s insightful, profound treatise.  I copied it below the excerpted paragraph.  So well stated.  Another comment said that Mr. Considine will make a great Professor in a liberal University someday.  That he will. 

An Unlikely Connection Between the Prophet Muhammad and George Washington [Huh?]

Craig Considine

“…Muhammad and Washington may seem like an unlikely connection, but in fact, they share strikingly similar biographies. Muhammad and Washington were students of history, restorers of justice and fierce warriors who led their respective nations through successful revolutions. Both men united a large swath of political territory and served as the founding father for two unprecedented social movements -- Islam and the United States of America -- whose universal ideals would both spread throughout the world respectively.”

4 hours ago ( 2:06 PM)
And to this day Washington's acolytes honor his memory by...

...blowing up tourist buses, strapping explosives to women and children, disemboweling sightseers in Luxor, hijacking aircraft and turning them into missiles, beheading/stoning/hanging/crucifying/burning apostates, raping the kafirs, blowing up commuter trains and buses, burning down churches, stoning women to death for suspicion of adultery, sorcery, or driving a car, hanging homosexuals, or 'throwing them from a high place,' female genital mutilation,' 'virginity inspections,' referring to non-Christians as the 'descendants of apes and pigs,' covering their women in sackcloth from head to toe, and beating them if they're disrespectful, honor killings of family members for offenses (real or imagined), denying women equal access to anything (except the heavy lifting), forced ('arranged') marriages, kidnappings and forced conversions, piracy, committing over 20,000 acts of terrorism since 2001, murdering anyone disrespecting the Lord, or defaming Jesus...oh wait.

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