Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let the story fit the agenda-at-hand

More incredible hypocrisy from Liberals.  This ad was used by the unions to make sure Obamanation didn't lose support of the gun totin' voters. Obama has no regard for the second amendment, or any amendment that doesn't meet his agenda for that matter.   He is an anti-American socialist at best, Marxist at worse who wants to strip Americans of their rights, enslave sitizens to the entitlement programs he is bloating and bring the United States down the the level of a European country.  Wake up America.  Become informed before it is too late.  And that time is fast approaching.  If you think revolution can never happen in America again, then you had better think again.  If the Democrats even attempt to disarm America, they will soon see the resolve of true patriots to protect the Constitution as the law of the land. 

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